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Mississauga Tomahawks Lacrosse Association

    Welcome to Mississauga Tomahawks Lacrosse

    Mississauga Tomahawks Lacrosse welcomes its users to the NGIN platform.

    To create an account, login to the top left hand corner by selecting "create an account". Having an account will give you the full benefit of the tool, you will have access to your child's schedule, the capability to download your calandar into your smart phone or computer and subscribe to the latest news using the RSS function.

    2017 Mississauga News Readers' Choice Awards

    Congratulations to the 2017 Mississauga News Readers' Choice Award Winners in the Local Sports Organization category, Port Credit Hockey Association, Futures Gymnastics and Erin Mills Soccer Club.

    The Mississauga Tomahawks Lacrosse Club was a finalist (Top 6) for this award but unfortunately fell a few votes short of the fine organizations listed above.

    Thank you to all who nominated our Club and voted for us.  Enjoy the fall & winter and stay tuned on plans for our 2018 lacrosse season!

    Toby Warnell, VP Rep Lacrosse